How I work

Choose to be Organized!     Just Do it Now!     Take Control of your life!

-I will do an initial phone consultation to determine whether my services fit your needs. If so, we will schedule an appointment. Normally, I work in 3 or 4 hour increments, enough time to get an area organized but not too tiring for the client. I may also advise you on how to get ready for our first session so we can get started immediately.

-At our first session we will go over what you need help with, then your short and long term goals, and confirm together where we will start. Now we will work side by side with hands-on organizing. With smaller projects or areas in your life, we may be able to accomplish our goal in one session.

-Follow-up and/or ongoing sessions are often necessary for organizing more areas. Some clients are quick decision makers, ready and able to transform a room. Others may have a more difficult time getting started or be overly emotionally attached to their “stuff”. No matter your style, our work together will keep you on task and help you take that action.

-Perfectionism, Procrastination, ADD, Depression or Hoarding may be a problem for some people. Organizing Options has years of experience with these subjects and is a member of the NSGCD National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. The medical community continues to refer clients to Organizing Options, as different approaches may need to be tried to find the right fit for each person.

-Confidentiality & Privacy is essential to Organizing Options and is 100% guaranteed! Sometimes our work can get very personal and clients may feel embarrassed or disappointed by their clutter and disorganization. All of my work is done in a nonjudgmental and respectful manner, recognizing that we each have strengths to work with. I hold all client information, personal or business, in confidence. Organizing Options conforms to the Code of Ethics for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

-Gift Certificates are readily available.

-Payment to Organizing Options is by cash or check and due at the end of each organizing session unless other arrangements have been made prior to the session.



I've found her encouraging, efficient, focused and caring. She has been helping me establish habits that I now use as a general principle in my life daily.”

-Nadine, R.N. (Mercer Island)